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What is the difference between fixed and adjusted rates? Which is better? Which one should you get? Which will help me get my San Diego dream home? Each with have their own advantages and disadvantages, Greater Home Loans breaks down the basics; read on to find out...

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How interest rates are making you overpay for your home

I would like to start off this article by stating that I am not an economist. While it is impossible to determine the exact affect of interest rates on the housing market (due to the multitude of factors) they do have a strong relationship. How much interest you pay...

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Avoid a Mortgage Scam in San Diego

Greater Home Loans relays that the statistics are in and mortgage fraud is on the rise again in the United States. In fact, Californians find themselves more vulnerable than others. A report conducted by LexisNexis found that in 2013, California was ranked 10th in the...

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How the Federal Reserve Effects the Average Homebuyer

What will the Fed do next?  Greater Home Loans doesn't know - nor do most economists.  How does the Federal Reserve affect you as a potential homebuyer? First, what is the Federal Reserve System? The goal of the Federal Reserve is to maintain a stable financial system...

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San Diegans, here’s how to make your savings grow

When purchasing a home, you’re ability to get a loan at a low rate rests on your capacity to be a responsible spender and saver. Good financial habits will not only help you score that lower mortgage rate, but it will also help you boost financial security. The...

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